Ode to a guitarplayer

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Ode to a guitarplayer

Postby BJF » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:22 pm


Swedish rock icon Robert ’Strängen’ *Strings’ Dahlquist passed this weekend.

He was a good friend and an inspirational guitarist and he was a long time user of Baby Pink Booster to get what he called ’natural overdrive’ from his amps that were Marshalls and Oranges and he said he didn’t like any colouration but the pour tone. Otherwise He wasn’t so much about pedals but more a plug straight into amp and keeerhaaanng :music

I’d say Strängen always had a great sound and he was for me personally an inspiration to the kind of rock that came after punk…

I can easily say there are few artist I’d go to a gig to see but Strängen was one ( in any band he’d play) and he was also a rock icon in rebellion and he was the young guy showing elderly guys like me Rock ’n’ Roll fury at its best- how music comes from within unexplainable in his whole appearence as an artist,guitarist vocalist and unbended rebel.
He’d play in a way I’d just enjoy- and so I’d not even be following the notes but rest in while at the same time feeling the fury- just plain old good Rock’n’Roll- almost like a force of nature…

( playing a V in this video)


as sidenot why I choose this song
I had the pleasure to play this song at a 20 year's birthday and to this day I think of how time was too short to ask Strängen to come and play

Yes and he was also a nice and fun guy.

I was thinking about Strängen the other day that I must send him a message via MySpace…I mean I could have told him how much I liked the way he played guitar… while now I may still post this on my My Space…and that was just hours before I learnt he had gone …

I can say that the thing that striked me with Strängen as a person was his unbendedness and rebellious approach, and felt that was very refreshing in the way he’d just go about doing what he did and not give a …

I recall having that spirit … a long time ago…

I think what I’d like to say is that he influenced me on several levels though we are of different generations- however when we were talking were really not much difference in point of views or roots.

So strängen, may you rest in peace and continue to inspire people with your legacy and I for one will listen to your recordings for years to come and remember you.

Hat off to you and be well where ever you are

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Re: Ode to a guitarplayer

Postby analoghog » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:46 pm


I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

I watched the video you posted and was very impressed with the group and the sound they have.. I can see why you would go to to see them live... Thanks for posting it..

Be well.

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Re: Ode to a guitarplayer

Postby ak47 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:26 am

This was such sad news. Seeing Strängen play live rock guitar is the definition of what live rock guitars are all about. Think about 'Strings' the next time you play RIP :music
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