Tech Note: BBCodes Supported By The BJFE Forum

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Tech Note: BBCodes Supported By The BJFE Forum

Postby mrpicard » Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:06 am

Bulletin Board Code, or BBCode, is a lightweight markup language that allows forum members to format their posts or add additional information to a post such as web links, photos, videos etc. These codes are made available to forum members via BBCode tags that are indicated by rectangular brackets surrounding a keyword. Forum administrators can also write their own custom BBCodes and make these available via custom tags. On the BJFE Forum we have developed a large number of custom BBCodes some of which are used by administrators to enhance the member experience and some of which are exposed for use by forum members. A summary of the BBCode available to forum members is as follows:

- album - Embed photos from the Gallery.
- ebayitems- Embed a live link to an item currently on sale on eBay.
- googlevideo - Embed a Google video.
- mp3 - Embed a MP3 file.
- mobilemegallery - Embed a MobileMe gallery.
- myspaceaudio - Embed a MySpace audio file.
- myspacevideo - Embed a MySpace video.
- photobucketslide- Embed a Photobucket photographic slide.
- photobucketvideo - Embed a Photobucket video.
- picasaweb - Embed photographs from Picasweb.
- soundclickband - Embed a SoundClick band audio listing.
- soundclicksingle - Embed a single SoundClick audio file.
- soundcloud - Embed a SoundClick audio file.
- youtube - Embed a YouTube video.
- youtube-wide - Embed a YouTube widescreen video.

A full description and demonstration of the audio/video/image BBCodes can be found here Tech Note: Embedding Audio, Video and Image Content. The remaining public BBCodes are as follows:

  eBay Live Sale  

Embed a widget displaying a specific eBay item.



The text between the [ebayitems] tags must be eBay Item Number. This will display an interactive widget that you can use to look at all the information regarding the eBay sale. It must be noted that the contents of the widget will only be valid while the sale information is help on the eBay web site. Once it is deleted from eBay you will no longer see the sale information in this widget.

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